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Restroom Stall Door Latches

Slide Bolt Latch, Diamond Shaped
Chrome plated zamak. 2-3/4" between screws, 9/16" bar to door clearance.
Prices Start At: $6.80
Part #: FO302
Part #: 
Slide Bolt Latch, Oval Shaped
Chrome plated zamak. 3 1/2" between screws. Available in 2 slide bar to door clearances. 5/8" is standard. 3/8" would be used when the door and the pilaster are the same thickness.

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G0136, G0137
Prices Start At: $6.80
Part #: slidbollatov

Choose Bar to door clearance (inches): 
Slide Bolt Latch, Oval Shaped, Offset
Chrome plated zamak. Surface latch with 3-1/2" between screws and 3/8" offset. Used when door and pilaster are the same thickness.
Prices Start At: $9.50
Part #: G0137
Part #: 
Slide Bolt Latch, 2-5/8" Between Screws
Chrome plated zamak. 2-5/8" between screws. 9/16" bar to door clearance.
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Prices Start At: $10.00
Part #: S7431
Part #: 
Aluminum Slide Bolt Latch
Brushed aluminum. 3-1/2" between screws. 9/16" bar to door clearance.
Prices Start At: $6.75
Part #: A0102
Part #: 
Heavy Duty Throw Latch With Keeper - Bright Finish
Prices Start At: $35.00
Part #: S5701
Part #: 
Heavy Duty Throw Latch With Keeper - Brushed Finish
Prices Start At: $37.00
Part #: S5703
Part #: 
Throw Latch - Bright Chrome
Prices Start At: $18.00
Part #: S7531
Part #: 
Latch & Keeper, Surface Mounted, Satin Stainless Steel
Surface mounted latch and keeper. For inswing or outswing doors. Satin stainless steel.
Prices Start At: $14.00
Part #: A0106
Part #: 
Slide latch with "Occupied" Indicator
Surface mounted latch w/"occupied" indicator. Satin stainless steel. Fits doors up to 1" thick.
Prices Start At: $24.00
Part #: A6069
Part #: 
Surface Mounted Slide Latch for Laminate, Phenolic, or Solid Plastic
Includes mounting screws. Brushed or bright finish. 1-1/2" wide x 3-1/4" long. 2-3/4" hole spacing.
Prices Start At: $13.50
Part #: pllalan

Choose Finish: 
Satin/Brushed Stainless Steel Slide Latch
Latch only. Use with keeper A147413 and strike A5173. Can also be used with keeper bumpers HAP54, HAP55, HAP56, HAP57, HAP58, and HAP59.

Prices Start At: $19.00
Part #: A6983
Part #: 
Stainless Steel Slide Bolt Latch
Stamped stainless steel; 1-7/8" between screws; 1/8" bar to door clearance. Use where door and pilaster are same thickness. Use A7055, A7056 and A7057 together.
Prices Start At: $8.00
Part #: A7055
Part #: 
Scanton Products / Hiny Hiders Slide Bolt Latch
Bright aluminum. 3-1/2" between screws. Used on Hiny Hiders by Scranton Products, formerly known as Comtec, Santana, and Capitol.
Prices Start At: $12.00
Part #: HLSLA
Part #: 
Concealed Latch Cover Plate Fix - It - Kit
Replace broken concealed latches or holes in doors with a new latch, cover plate, keeper, and bumper.
• Inswing includes cover plate, latch, keeper, and stop.
• Outswing includes same parts plus a door pull.