Toilet Partition Doors

Toilet Partition Doors
  • Doors available to fit almost any opening.
  • Picture shows a typical 58" high door between pilasters. Taller doors available - please call.
  • Made of high quality material with the latest designs and manufacturing techniques providing many years of service.
  • Doors with proper installation allow for emergency access by lifting up and then swinging in or out.
  • Easy to install. Includes all necessary hardware.
  • Doors are sized according to the door opening. Actual doors are about 3/8" narrower to leave room for hardware.
  • Standard hinges fit around the pilaster. Continuous hinges and hinges to attach flat to wall are also available.
  • No site lines available.
  • Doors 26" and wider cannot ship UPS. Select "Motor Freight" during checkout. Choosing UPS will show an incorrect, much lower cost.
  • Look here for complete toilet partition stall kits.