Stainless Steel Toilet Partition Doors

Stainless Steel Doors
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  • Partitions shipped by Motor Freight.
• New Integrated Privacy System - All doors include integrated privacy edge-molding which eliminates sight-lines on each side of the door.
• Door hand and and swing are NOT interchangeable. Please verify the hand and swing of your door before ordering.
• Standard doors are 1" thick x 58" high. Doors are also available 48" high, 64" high, and 72" high. Call for pricing and lead time on 48"H, 64"H, or 72"H doors.
• Doors are sized according to the width of the door opening. Actual doors are 3/8" smaller. For example, a door for a 24"W opening is actually 23-5/8"W.
• Includes standard chrome hardware to install. Satin stainless steel hardware is available for an upcharge.
• Standard hinges attach to 1-1/4" round edge pilasters. Hinges are available to attach to square edge pilasters for an upcharge (will not have integrated privacy and will have longer lead time). Please call for lead time and pricing on flat wall or continuous hinges.
• Standard hinge cam action permits door to be set up to remain at any desired position.
• Standard keeper is for 1-1/4" round edge pilaster. Keeper for 1-1/4" square edge is available for an upcharge (will not have integrated privacy and will have longer lead time). Call for pricing and lead time on flat wall keeper.
• New latch style is surface mounted slide latch with occupancy indicator.
• Pricing is for standard #4 satin finish stainless steel. Please call for pricing and lead times on leather grain or diamond texture finishes.
• Lead time is approx. 3-5 days. Transit time is additional.
• Due to the UPS oversize box charge all doors must ship via motor freight.
Click on diagram below for an explanation on door hand and swing:
door hand swing door explanation