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Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers and Toilet Seats

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Sanitor "NeatSeat" Combo Pack
  • Includes 2 dispensers and 1,000 covers.
  • 1000 seat covers are in handy packs of 125.
  • Each flush-able cover is individually dispensed to provide a convenient low-cost barrier against potential health problems.
  • Dispensers are equipped with mastic mounting tape for instant installation

  • Shop Below For Desired Color:
    ASE21W, ASE21BK, ASE21B, ASE23

    Prices Start At: $108.00
    Our Price: $81.00
    Part #: necopa
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    Sanitor "NeatSeat" Toilet Seat Paper Covers
  • Covers fit Sanitor "NeatSeat" dispensers only.
  • Covers are 18" x 15" and bright white.
  • 1,000 covers includes 8 refill pads of 125 seat covers each.
  • 2,500 covers includes 20 refill pads of 125 seat covers each.

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    ASE1000, ASE2500
    Prices Start At: $22.00
    Our Price: $18.00
    Part #: toilseatcov

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    Sanitor "NeatSeat" Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers
  • Sanitor "NeatSeat" dispensers have 250 piece capacity.
  • Must be used with "NeatSeat" toilet seat covers - purchase above.
  • Surface mounted are 12" x 17" x 2" size and unkeyed.
  • Shipped with mounting screws.

  • Shop Below For Desired Color:
    ASE01W, ASE01BK, ASE01B, ASE03

    Prices Start At: $44.00
    Our Price: $33.00
    Part #: toilseatcovd
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    1/2 Fold Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

  • For 1/2 fold toilet seat covers. 1/2 fold covers can be purchased at any local office supply store.
  • One seat cover is dispensed at a time to save waste.
  • Dispensers are 16" w x 11-3/4" h x 2-1/2" d.
  • Prices Start At: $12.94
    Our Price: $10.00
    Part #: T142
    Surface Mounted Stainless Steel Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser
    Dispenses 250 single or half-fold seat covers.

    Prices Start At: $43.86
    Our Price: $33.00
    Part #: 0477-SM
    Item #: 
    Toilet Seats ADA Handicapped
    White, elongated where depth = 18-3/8", width = 15-1/4, and no cover. ASE70, 2 inch rise; ASE75 3 inch rise.
    Prices Start At: $106.32
    Our Price: $80.00
    Part #: ASE70
    Part #: 
    Toilet Seats Non-Handicapped
    Solid colored heavy duty plastic. For commercial and institutional use.

    Shop Below For Desired Color:
    ASE10, ASE20, ASE30, ASE40, ASE50, ASE60
    Prices Start At: $37.00
    Our Price: $28.00
    Part #: nonhantoilse