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Mills Hardware

Mills Hardware
restroom partitions, bathroom partitions, toilet partitions

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• Chrome plated; supplied with mounting screws.

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Top & Bottom Hinges
Top and bottom hinge set for Mills Bradley metal partitions.
Prices Start At: $60.00
Part #: T100-110
Part #: 
Nylon Cam
For Mills brand metal partitions.
Prices Start At: $4.00
Part #: T117
Bottom Door Cap
Bottom door cap for Mills brand metal partitions.
Prices Start At: $16.00
Part #: T114
Slide Bolt Latch
Prices Start At: $12.00
Part #: T290
Part #: 
Mills Brand Keeper Bumper
Chrome plated zamak. For 1 1/4" thick Mills metal or stainless partitions. Used with round concealed latch slide pin.
Prices Start At: $5.00
Part #: T317
Part #: 
Keeper Bumper
Chrome plated zamak. For metal partitions. Edge mounted. Replacement for Mills / Bradley.
Prices Start At: $5.00
Part #: T316
Part #: 
Slide Latch
Obsolete, use Part # T160N
Slide Latch
3/8" offset bar to door clearance.
2-3/4" between screws.
Prices Start At: $6.80
Part #: T160N
Part #: 
Keeper Bumper
For inswing doors.
Wrap around type.
1-1/4" pilasters.
Prices Start At: $5.65
Part #: T120
Part #: 
Keeper Bumper
Fits on surface of wall or edge of pilaster.
For inswing door only.
Prices Start At: $4.65
Part #: T116
Part #: 
Satin/Brushed Stainless Steel Slide Latch
Latch only. Use with keeper A147413 and strike A5173. Can also be used with keeper bumpers HAP54, HAP55, HAP56, HAP57, HAP58, and HAP59.

Prices Start At: $19.00
Part #: A6983
Part #: 
Satin/Brushed Stainless Steel Surface Mounted Keeper for A6983 Latch
Keeper only. For use with A6983 latch ONLY.
Prices Start At: $9.50
Part #: A147413
Part #: 
Surface Mounted Strike Inswing/Outswing Cast Stainless Steel
Prices Start At: $10.00
Part #: A5173
Part #: 
Solid Plastic Latch, Keeper, Stop Kit
This item has been discontinued by Mills and is no longer available. Use A6983, A147413, and A5173.
Part #: T460
Part #: 
Coat Hook
3 3/8" projection, 2 3/4" high.
Prices Start At: $3.65
Part #: T285
Part #: 
Concealed Latch Cover Plate Fix - It - Kit
Replace broken concealed latches or holes in doors with a new latch, cover plate, keeper, and bumper.
• Inswing includes cover plate, latch, keeper, and stop.
• Outswing includes same parts plus a door pull.
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