Floor To Ceiling - Metal Restroom Stalls

Floor To Ceiling - Metal Restroom Stalls
Pilasters attach to the floor and ceiling. There is a 12" clearance between the floor and the doors and panels.

Includes installation instructions and all hardware to install.
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144 Floor To Ceiling, Alcove, Metal
Partitions include 2 pilasters, a door and a panel that are in line and go from one wall to another.
Price Estimate:$519
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141 Floor To Ceiling Anchored, In-A-Corner, Metal
Partitions form a corner stall(s). Includes 2 pilasters, a door that form the front and a panel in between stalls and at the end.
Price Estimate:$583
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142 Floor To Ceiling, Between-2-Walls, Metal
Partition stall(s) are between a alcove panel and a wall or between 2 walls. Pilasters and doors form the front. And a panel goes between stalls if there is more than 1 stall.
Price Estimate:$375
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143 Floor To Ceiling, Free Standing, Metal
Partitions are attached to a back wall but not attached to any side walls. Pilasters and door(s) form the front. And panels form the sides.
Price Estimate:$792
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