521 In-A-Corner, Floor Mounted / Anchored, Phenolic Stalls

521 In-A-Corner, Floor Mounted / Anchored, Phenolic Stalls
Color-Thru 5450 Burgundy
Color-Thru 7450C Navy Blue
Black Core 1130 Neutral Glace
Black Core 4583 Desert Zephyr
Black Core 4801 Tungsten EV
Black Core 3300 Folkstone Celesta
Black Core 3020 Graphite Grafix
Black Core 9438 Washed Knotty Ash*
Black Core 5107 Burnt Strand*
Black Core 9842 Weathered Ash*
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Price Estimate:$1,322
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Partitions form a corner stall(s). Includes 2 pilasters, a door that form the front and a panel in between stalls and at the end.
Style:Floor Mounted / Anchored