White Vinyl Shower Curtains

White Vinyl Shower Curtains
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White vinyl shower curtain is fabricated from 0.0095" thick PVC sheet treated with a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent to inhibit the growth of fungal, bacterial, and algal organisms.
Clear anodized aluminum grommets with 3/8" inside diameter. 36"W curtain has 6 grommets. 42"W curtain has 7 grommets. 48"W curtain has 8 grommets. 60"W curtain has 10 grommets. 72"W curtain has 12 grommets. 84"W curtain has 12 grommets. Does not include hooks.
For shower openings up to 42"W, curtains should be an additional 6" wider than the opening. For shower openings over 42"W, curtains should be an additional 12" wider than the opening.