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Plastic Laminate Panels

 Plastic Laminate Panels

Product Description

• Panels are 1" thick x 58" high.
• Panels are available in widths from 12" to 78". Actual panel width is 1/2" smaller than stated size to allow for hardware.
• Decorative plastic laminate bonded under pressure to solid impact-resistant particle board core.
• Select from a variety of hardware to install: bright chrome or satin stainless steel two ear or one ear stirrup brackets, or a full height aluminum or satin stainless steel two ear or one ear bracket.
• Lead time is approx. 7-10 days. Transit time is additional.
• Panels over 26"W must ship via motor freight.

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*Directional Pattern: Pattern on panels over 60" wide will run perpendicular to pattern on doors and pilasters.
Prices Start At:$127.70
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Khaki Brown 4040
Crisp Linen 1150*
Neutral Glace 1130
Western Suede 4110
Dali 5007
Natural Canvas 4410
Desert Zephyr 4583
Casual Linen 4358*
Satin Stainless 5030*
Natural Tigris 4611
Tungsten EV 4801
Western Storm 4120
Burnt Strand 5107*
Windswept Bronze 9292*
Brazilian Topaz 9100
Autumn Indian 9150
Just Blue 5021
Navy Grafix 7318
Folkstone Celesta 3300
Canyon Zephyr 3713
Vapor Strandz 5039*
Windswept Pewter 3849*
Storm Solidz 3542
Graphite Grafix 3020
Rustic Slate 5088
Smoke Quarstone 3350
Graphite 2150
9918 Maple
9954 Cherry
9939 Mahogany
9500 Ebony
9550 Asian Night