414 Alcove - Floor Mounted / Overhead Braced - Solid Plastic / Polymer Partitions

414 Alcove - Floor Mounted / Overhead Braced - Solid Plastic / Polymer Partitions
9200 Gray
9201 White
9658 Caramel
9205 Black
9211 Burgundy
9212 Mocha
9217 Black Confetti
9223 Olive
9231 Azure
9233 Moss
9235 Cream
9237 Charcoal
9400 Folkstone Gray
9508 Hunter Green
9509 Blue
9500 Ivory Essence Speckle
9513 Metallic Bronze
9511 Metallic Silver
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Most popular style. Design is stronger than floor mounted style. Fits between two walls. Material is low maintenance and durable. Can be cleaned with commercial-grade cleaning agents without fear of damage. Stalls are water resistant and unaffected by steam or high humidity. Has a Class B flammability rating. Bottom edges of doors and panels have aluminum heat sink strip. Hinges are 8" high for added strength and made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum (6463-T5 alloy). Door Strike and Keeper with wrap-around flanges are 6" high. Also made of same aluminum. Brackets are available in 3 materials. Shoes come in stainless steel (standard). Both plastic versions are the same color as partitions.
Style:Floor Mounted / Overhead Braced
Material:Solid Plastic / Polymer
Includes:Hardware & Assembly Instructions