Handicapped/ADA Requirements Guide

Handicapped/ADA Requirements Guide
Federal Handicapped Requirements are usually 60" x 60" for new construction. Local requirements may very so it's best to check with your local government if unsure. A 34" door is usually required. All Partitions will send 36" doors with all stalls 42" or wider unless otherwise specified by customer or if specific circumstances in a particular job requires use of smaller door.

For replacing existing partitions, you generally can pass with a 42" wide stall and 36" door, however again it's best to check with local government if going through inspection.

Special ADA door hardware is usually required. All Partitions sends ADA door hardware with all doors 32" wide or greater unless otherwise specified by customer.

In most cases ADA laws require a 36" grab bar is mounted behind toilet and a 42" grab bar mounted on side on toilet on either partition wall or structural wall, whatever surface is closest to ADA toilet. It is not uncommon for an 18" grab bar mounted vertically to also be required ***Metal stalls require reinforcement to mount grab bars on partition panels. Laminated particle board, solid plastic and solid phenolic stalls do not require reinforcement***

For more information on ADA requirements download PDF file AT THIS LINK