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Shower Curtain Hooks

Shower Curtain Hooks
Hook to left is for round bars.

Hooks are also available for rectangular head rail and slotted head rail. General rule is to use 1 plus a hook for every 6" of curtain you order. i.e. for a 36" wide curtain use 7 hooks, 48" use 9, 72" use 13 etc.
Round Snap Hook
2-3/4" high. 2 materials-1 5/16" opening; .091 diameter stainless steel. Or 1 5/16" opening; chrome plated brass. 1 11/16" hook opening available in chromate brass.

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Prices Start At: $0.50
Part #: rostst
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Roller Snap Hook
2-3/4" high. Chrome finish with roller bearings.

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AB151, AB15125
Prices Start At: $2.05
Part #: rollersnaphook
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Roller Hook
1-1/4" opening. For 1" O.D. round rod. 3-1/4" high. Aluminum finish with nylon wheels.
Prices Start At: $2.25
Part #: A0151
Part #: 
Head Rail Type
Roller hook. For 1" or 1-1/4" wide head rail. 3-5/8" high. Chrome plated.
Prices Start At: $2.50
Part #: K0782
Part #: 
Head Rail Type 2
This item has been discontinued. Please see part number K0782 as a replacement. Roller hook. For 1" wide rectangular head rail. 3-7/8" high. Chrome finish.
Prices Start At: $1.80
Part #: A0628
Part #: 
This item is currently out of stock!
Head Rail Type for 1/4" Slot
For 1/4" slot. 2" high. Nylon plastic slide; chrome plated hook.
Prices Start At: $1.25
Part #: HR720
Part #: 
Chrome Plated Steel Hook
For 1/4" slot. 2-3/8" high. All steel. Chrome plated.
Prices Start At: $2.15
Part #: HSLHX
Part #: