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ADA , Emergency Access hardware

ADA , Emergency Access hardware
Restroom partitions, bathroom partitions, toilet partitions
Please note that there is ADA hardware, Emergency access hardware, and hardware which is neither.

  • An emergency access latch,keeper and hinges means that the locked door can be opened standing outside of the stall. The door might be picked up slightly and pushed open. Or insert a thin object between the door and keeper, flip up the latch, and push/pull open the door.
  • ADA hardware must be operable with one hand without tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist, and with less effort than 5 lbs. of force.

Please check with your local code to ensure you meet ADA requirements.

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Slide Bolt Latch, Diamond Shaped
Chrome plated zamak. 2-3/4" between screws, 9/16" bar to door clearance.
Prices Start At: $6.80
Part #: FO302
Part #: 
Keeper for Slide Latch, Inswing, Emergency Access Type
Chrome plated zamak. For inswing doors. 1-1/2" between screws. Used where you want emergency access capability. Surface mounted. Can be used on any thickness pilaster.
Prices Start At: $4.05
Part #: S2701
Part #: 
Heavy Duty Throw Latch With Keeper - Bright Finish
Prices Start At: $35.00
Part #: S5701
Part #: 
Slide Bolt Latch, Oval Shaped
Chrome plated zamak. 3 1/2" between screws. Available in 2 slide bar to door clearances. 5/8" is standard. 3/8" would be used when the door and the pilaster are the same thickness.

Shop Below For Desired Size:
G0136, G0137
Prices Start At: $6.80
Part #: slidbollatov

Choose Bar to door clearance (inches): 
Stop/Inswing and Outswing
Chrome plated zamak. 1-1/2" between screws. Surface mounted. Can be used on any thickness pilaster.
Prices Start At: $4.50
Part #: S2704
Part #: 
ADA Handicapped Door Pull
3" high and 5 1/2" long. Select finish: Part number A0625 for cast stainless steel or part number A0625B for chrome plated brass.

Prices Start At: $36.00
Part #: adahadopul
Choose material finish: 
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